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Power Ethernet

KRP Services is able to offer the T-1000 Power Etherent Socket. 

Ethernet enabled power sockets for businesses, homes and enterprise applications, the PE Socket is the first product of its kind to integrate Powerline data networking technology directly into an electrical socket. no need for expensive cabling to be installed and network engineers or those unsightly plug-in adapters.  It takes advantage of a buildings existing electrical wiring to create a high-speed and secure data network for connecting computers, VoIP phones, multimedia set-topboxes, Internet-connected TVs, CCTV, Digital Siganage and other IP enabled devices.

Installing two or more PE Sockets instantly creates a secure Ethernet network running across the existing electrical mains cabling available throughout the building.  Its unique design incorporates all of the electronics inside the wall socket and the network is robust, secure, tamper and theft proof, and complies with UK Health & Safety regulations.

The PE Socket is easy for any electrician to install.  Simply replace a power socket with a PE Socket without any rewiring and the PE Socket will automatically configure with the other units.  To expand an exisiting computer network simple add the additonal PE Sockets and then connect one PE Socket to the exisiting network with a CAT5 cable.

Now connecting your devices to the network is as simple and easy as plugging a plug into the mains.


All in one Ethernet enabled power socket

Simple networking solution

No rewiring needed — use existing mains cables

Internet access everywhere in the building

Built into the wall

Easy to install without clutter or disruption

No networking knowledge required

Eliminates blackspots found with WiFi

Easy to expand - Simply add more Power Ethernet Sockets

Fast enough to stream High Definition (HD) video

Filter socket to reduce electrical noise   


Power Ethernet Socket.  Simple Solutions in a complex world