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Dry Risers Explained


Dry rising mains are intended for use by the fire brigade or other trained personnel.  They are vertical mains fitted into staircase enclosures or other suitable positions, with outlet valves on each floor and inlets fitted at ground level to enable the fire brigade to connect to the water supply.  Dry Risers are installed into buildings above 18 metres.  Wet Risers are installed into buildings above 60 metres.         

Why should they be serviced?

Risers become prone to neglect and vandalism which can lead to damage from leakage. Under BS 9990:2006 dry and wet risers should be
  • Visually inspected every 6 months
  • Serviced annually

The annual testing and maintenance of Dry Risers is the responsibility of the property owner or managing agent.

Dry Riser Services Provided by KRP

  • Fast responsive, Regional South East service
  • Testing carried out to BS 9990:2006  
  • Servicing arranged around times convenient to the customer
  • Minimum disruption to working environment

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