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Finance Leases

KRP Services is aware that although clients consider security & fire protection to be important it is not always at the top of their list when it comes to budgeting.  Because of this we have made arrangements with Tower Leasing, a well-established specialist provider of finance solutions for security-related installations.

Leasing: The Ideal way to Finance your Fire Safety System

You cannot afford to cut corners when investing in a new security system for your business. By leasing the system, you can reduce the pressure on your finances as it replaces a substantial cash investment with a much smaller rental payment.

By reducing your monthly outgoings, leasing frees finance for other aspects of your business operations that depend on cash, such as salaries and stock purchases.

100% of your lease rental payments can be set against your companyís corporation tax liabilities in the same tax year. An outright purchase however is treated as an asset and this means that only a depreciating portion of its value can be written down against tax each year.

The ideal security system for your business is instantly more affordable if leased. By replacing a large capital investment with small monthly payments you can immediately afford the most appropriate security system for your business. Why compromise on security solutions when you donít need to?

Key Leasing Benefits

As the business grows or your needs change, equipment can be added to the system on lease. There are several options available including 'upgrade' where the outstanding rentals are taken into a fresh lease agreement along with all the costs for the new equipment. Tower and/or KRP Services can discuss the best options for you at any time during the lifetime of the lease.

How Leasing Works

Leasing is a reliable and trusted method of finance. It is easy to understand, easy to manage and very flexible.

Why LeaseLine?

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