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Emergency Escape Lighting

Recent legislation makes it necessary that all businesses carry out a risk assessment and part of the assessment will be to address the requirements for Emergency Escape Lighting.  The British Standards 5266-1:2005 standard governs all KRP projects in this area. 

Emergency escape lighting should:                               

  • Indicate the escape routes clearly including external stairwells,
  • Provide illumination along escape routes to allow safe movement towards the final exits,
  • Ensure that fire alarm call points and fire-fighting equipment can be readily located.

KRP's knowledge base has over 15 years' experience in designing, installing, testing and maintaining suitable systems thereby ensuring that, if the need ever arises you'll get out safely!

KRP are able to offer these service elements:

  • Carrying out a Survey of your premises and determining what emergency lighting is required:
    • All escape routes including external stairwells
    • Outdoor spaces in potential hazard zone
    • Interior working areas
  • Designing the correct lighting scheme:
    • Selecting suitable lighting units
    • Working out cabling requirements
    • Manage the installation to minimize disruptions to client
  • Testing of emergency lighting system:
    • For Declaration of conformity    
    • After installation to demonstrate operation for hand over
    • Periodically to ensure all systems are functioning
  • Setting up a Maintenance Schedule to keep all components in working order and highlight any problems.


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